09 Jul

Of course my passion for nostalgic things also includes some traditions. For me, one of the most lovely traditions is the teatime. Whenever I am in Great Britain I never skip teatime (I´ll write about some Tearooms in another post) and when I´m at home I love to “celebrate” it at least at the weekend or when I meet with friends.

For the days that don´t a allow enough time for tea and scones at 5:00, I made some Accessories for comfort. They´re a mix between oldfashioned, modern and useful, I think.

Alice´s Teatime-Bag. It has so much space inside

This is one of my favourite bags for daily grind.

Did I already mention that I love bags? 😉 (btw, the fabric of the teapot is from a costumized tartan skirt).

And a Tea ´o Clock-Brooch. The Button is from an “Alice in Wonderland”-Exhibition.


So, enjoy your afternoon 🙂

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Posted by on 9. July 2013 in arts&crafts, teatime


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