Houses I´d love to live in…

15 Jul

Well, I´m in the lucky situation that I´ll move to a very nice and old art nouveau house at the end of this year. Because of this I´m currently engaged with rooms and furnitures a lot.
Therefore I considered what kind of houses would also be great to live in and made a little list:

Howl´s moving Castle:

How cool would it be to live in a moving house with a fire ghost and a magic door which can send you to different places all over the world! I also really like the old and cozy interior (after Sophie got her cleaning flash^^).

The Burrow

The exciting house of the Weasley Family with all its little magical skills would also be a nice place to spend time. I think it would never get boring in this special home.

A Hobbit Hole

I can´t imagine a more comfortable and cute house than a Hobbit´s hole! Both, outside and inside looks so inviting and to feel good that I understand why Hobbits (in general) are so homely.

Barton Cottage

The little Cottage by the coast of Devonshire where the Dashwoods from Jane Austen´s “Sense and Sensibility” had move to, after thy were ejected from Norland. Of course it´s not so impressive than a huge estate, but just that is what makes it more homelike. It has much more personality than a house with 20 rooms or more. Besides for me it would be amazing to live so close by the sea.

Crawley House

The House where Mathew and Isobell Crawley from “Downton Abbey” were accommodated when they left Manchester. It´s such a loveley and elegant home with just the right size to feel good and not too lost in.

And of course 221b Baker Street

Although the building looks rather unspectacular from the outside, it´s so great arranged from the inside with the old, victorian interior and the warm colours. It´s not posh but very welcoming. I would furnish my room at once like the living room in the 221b Baker Street!

After this little summary I´m even more excited about my own removal. And maybe I can put a little bit from my dream houses to my real house. Would be great!


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