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Another Music-Time

After my last entry about Pooh Country I want to show you two very cute and charming songs about the residents of the 100 acre wood.

The first one must be the oldest song about Winnie the Pooh and it always makes me want to snuggle with a fluffy Teddy Bear.

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Pooh Corner, the enchanted Place

Time for a little excursion. This time to Pooh Corner in Hartfield, East Sussex.
I went there on my trip to South England last autumn, because it is the “birthplace” of one of my favourite children´s classic novels “Winnie the Pooh”.


After an one hour bus ride from Royal Tunbridge Wells through the beautifull countryside we arrived at the really nice and cute village Hartfield, were Pooh Corner was not to overlook.


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Hats an Violines

Time for more crafts.
Today I want to show you two pieces I made this spring

First an Edwardian inspired hat I decorated with some of my favorite things.


The hat itself is bought (I wish I could make hats myself). I just costumized it, but I like the appearance.


Isn´t it a pity that hats are worn so rarely these days?
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10 Questions

I have been tagged by the beautifull Hedgefairy from Teaparties & Fairytales

Here are the invitable rules:

“1. Link back to the tagger.
2. Answer their ten questiones.
3. Think of ten questiones yourself.
4. Link back to ten more bloggers with less the 200 followers (no backtagging)”

Sounds like an interestig challenge and she made very nice questiones. So here we go:
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