Hats an Violines

06 Sep

Time for more crafts.
Today I want to show you two pieces I made this spring

First an Edwardian inspired hat I decorated with some of my favorite things.


The hat itself is bought (I wish I could make hats myself). I just costumized it, but I like the appearance.


Isn´t it a pity that hats are worn so rarely these days?

The next piece is a brooch. Since I´m reading the Sherlock Holmes books and watching the series (both, with Jeremy Brett and with Benedict Cumberbatch), I´m very partial to violin music and the whole look of violines. So I made this little “Sherlock-Brooch”:


The miniature violin was actually decoration for doll´s houses^^.

And here I´m wearing both pieces:

(The shawl and handwarmers are also handmade.)

It´s always fun to redesign things and make them more individual, or use material in another way it´s intended for.


Posted by on 6. September 2013 in arts&crafts, outfits


2 responses to “Hats an Violines

  1. Amy

    12. September 2013 at 4:03

    The brooch & hat look really lovely! I especially like the brooch. It looks so cute with the little violin on it. Combined in your outfit both are looking good. I’m not really sure about the combination with the striped skirt, but you liked it, so rock it! 😀 I adore the shawl and handwarmers though, they make the outfit totally lady-like. 🙂

  2. Tea-Chic Adventures

    17. September 2013 at 14:20

    Thank you so much ^o^. The brooch became one of my favorite accessories. The shawl was my first try in this technique. It was really easy and fast to work. I´m planning to do another one in dusty pink or brown (or both 😉 ).


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