Another Music-Time

30 Sep

After my last entry about Pooh Country I want to show you two very cute and charming songs about the residents of the 100 acre wood.

The first one must be the oldest song about Winnie the Pooh and it always makes me want to snuggle with a fluffy Teddy Bear.

The next song is also quite old and reminds me of my visit at Pooh Corner. I like the calm, accoustic Guitar sound a lot

And for those who know the lovely books about Winnie Pooh and his friends the texts will bring many delightfull memories.

By the way, who is your favorite character in the stories? Mine is Piglet, but I think they´re all adorable and special in their way!


Posted by on 30. September 2013 in books, music


2 responses to “Another Music-Time

  1. Rai

    30. September 2013 at 16:15

    My favorite is Eeyore ^^ he´s like me, sometimes…

  2. Tea-Chic Adventures

    3. October 2013 at 10:08

    Eyeore rocks 😀


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