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Trick or Treat

Tonight is finally my favourite night in the year, so I wish you all a very Happy Halloween!

I hope you enjoy the spookyness =^o^=


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Last weekend I arranged a small Halloween-Teaparty with my lovely friends Rai, her brother Aioli and Sandy. For me it´s a nice tradition to prepare for Halloween with little gatherings, trips or movie sessions and of course delicious food 😉

So this year we met at our flat and everyone brought some homemade Halloween-Snacks.

The buffet for the “Spooky Tea Society”. Rai and Aioly made the Bat-Bread at the plate on the right.
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Halloween days in Tokyo Disneyland

Time for another Halloween themed post. At our first visit in Japan, in October 2010, we also went to Tokyo Disneyland because we definately wanted to experience the beautifull Halloween days.
And what else can I say than it was such a nice and funny happening for us and one of the best ways to prepare for Halloween we ever did!

So I don´t want to deny the pictures any longer. Here we go.

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The Ahrensburger Castle

Last weekend I visited my dear friend Rara during her semester break in Ahrensburg and we did a little, spontaneous excursion to the castle

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Nostalgic Tea Chest

On our round trip through Scotland last year we had a stop at The Royal Highland Hotel in Inverness, which has a beautifull, victorian interior.
In our room we found such a nice, wooden, nostalgic tea chest from Twinings, including several sorts of teabags and I really fell in love with it! So you can imagine how lucky I was to get exactly a chest like this for Christmas a few months later.

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October, Autumn, Halloween

These are three things I really like and I´m always looking forward to.
I´m already in an autumnal mood since the temperatures went under 20 degrees and because I also started preparing some Halloween projects for this year, I´d like to show you a little of my last years results.

Spooky pizza bread:
This was a teamwork by me and my boyfriend. We just made a simple pizza dough, coated it with sesame oil, paprica and curcuma and trepanned it with creepy cookie cutters. It was very easygoing and delicious with the spices.
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