October, Autumn, Halloween

02 Oct

These are three things I really like and I´m always looking forward to.
I´m already in an autumnal mood since the temperatures went under 20 degrees and because I also started preparing some Halloween projects for this year, I´d like to show you a little of my last years results.

Spooky pizza bread:
This was a teamwork by me and my boyfriend. We just made a simple pizza dough, coated it with sesame oil, paprica and curcuma and trepanned it with creepy cookie cutters. It was very easygoing and delicious with the spices.

We also made bigger bread with this great pumpkin cookie cutters (I bought them at one of my trips to Great Britain) but sadly I forgot to take pictures.

Conveniant to the colder seasons I made some strong, warming spice tea. The base was a plain, unflavoured black tea and I added cocoa and cinnamon rind and dried ginger. It was very refreshing. I often make teas like that. The blend always varies a bit but it´s always tasting good, I think (besindes, I love to serve it in these cool mugs 😉 )

Pumpkin Hair-Decoration:
It´s made of tight crafting felt. I definately have to make more of these for this year´s Halloween. Maybe in a shade of deep purple.

I will do some more especially Halloween based entries this month and hope to make again some themed food this year.

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Posted by on 2. October 2013 in arts&crafts, food, teatime


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