The Ahrensburger Castle

18 Oct

Last weekend I visited my dear friend Rara during her semester break in Ahrensburg and we did a little, spontaneous excursion to the castle


Although it´s a proportionally small castle, for me it was really huge.




I really liked the stone lions in front of the entry.


Sadly it was not allowed to take pictures of the single rooms inside but nevertheless it was an interesting visit. Actually I´m not such a big fan of manorial castles (except Hogwarts of course 😉 ). I prefer historical, so called, middle class housesor buildings in general, which have a much more personal touch because they´re smaller and just more homelike. But a visiting in a castle from time to time can also be diversified.
Many furnitures were pretty and rich of detail and I liked the fact that lots of rooms had lovely, handmade cockle stoves. I always wanted to have a cockle stove in my home!


A very nice couple took a picture of Rara and me in front of the entry (I love Rara´s Sixties-Cape).

Maybe I´ll visit some more small castles around my hometown Hamburg in the future but I´m sure you´ll still see more pictures of parks, gardens, woods and water here.


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