Halloween days in Tokyo Disneyland

25 Oct

Time for another Halloween themed post. At our first visit in Japan, in October 2010, we also went to Tokyo Disneyland because we definately wanted to experience the beautifull Halloween days.
And what else can I say than it was such a nice and funny happening for us and one of the best ways to prepare for Halloween we ever did!

So I don´t want to deny the pictures any longer. Here we go.

The whole park was decorated so lovely and detailed.

Even the musicians had pumpkin-uniforms^^.







The shops were also richly decorated with pumpkins and other Halloween-items. I really like the autumn colours.


Delicious Mickey Mouse waffle with matcha and anko cream.

The Halloween parade.


Isn´t that a cute Minnie Mouse boggle?


The shop windows also looked so nice.


Thanks a lot to Neko for the pictures^^.

We really hope to return to Tokyo Disney Resort for some new Halloween days!


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4 responses to “Halloween days in Tokyo Disneyland

  1. lmjapan

    26. October 2013 at 4:40

    Great pictures! These are from your trip in 2010 right? Because I just went last week and while the decorations were nice I think these are a lot better. Still a lot of fun, although the lines were outrageous and averaged maybe 90 minutes per ride.

    • Tea-Chic Adventures

      27. October 2013 at 22:15

      Thank you^^. Yes, they´re from 2010. I loved all the small details of the decoration in the whole Park. When I was there, the lines were also huge but when I was at Tokyo Disney Sea this August, the waiting times were never longer than 30 minutes. That was relaxed 😀

  2. sapphiradoll

    26. October 2013 at 13:37

    I really loved looking at these pictures!
    Everything is so unbelievably cute (*^◯^*)
    I don’t think I can make it to Tokyo Disneyland for Halloween this year but I really hope to next year. It seems like such a lovely experience.

    • Tea-Chic Adventures

      27. October 2013 at 22:24

      Thank you very much ^_^ It was a great experience and we enjoyed the whole day. I hope you can enjoy the Halloween days next year. We want to visit Disneyland Paris for Halloween next year (but I think Tokyo Disney Resort is definately the cutest!!!).


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