29 Oct

Last weekend I arranged a small Halloween-Teaparty with my lovely friends Rai, her brother Aioli and Sandy. For me it´s a nice tradition to prepare for Halloween with little gatherings, trips or movie sessions and of course delicious food 😉

So this year we met at our flat and everyone brought some homemade Halloween-Snacks.

The buffet for the “Spooky Tea Society”. Rai and Aioly made the Bat-Bread at the plate on the right.


I made some autumn apple muffins…

…and Earl Grey ice tea.


I love these Disney-Pumpkin-Mugs. My boyfriend found them ❤

Sandy made delicious “Kettle-Sandwitches” with orange cream cheese^^.


This was my outfit. I was a Catwitch =^o^=.

Me and Rai in a Cheshire Cat inspired outfit. She looked so cute and pretty 😀

It was a very nice and cheerfull Party and at the end we were all quite full from the delicate food. We definately want to repeat it next year!

Now I´m already looking forward to Halloween on thursday and of course I will report here how we spent the day.

And what are you doing on Halloween^^? I hope you have a lot of fun!


Posted by on 29. October 2013 in events, food, outfits, teatime


2 responses to “Halloween-Teaparty

  1. Rai

    29. October 2013 at 21:48

    Thank you ^w^
    Too bad you can´t see my chubby-glitter-bat-hairband ^^
    Everything was so delicious, we have to repea that!

    • Tea-Chic Adventures

      30. October 2013 at 21:40

      Your chubby-glitter-bat -hairband was awesome ^o^. I think the light was a bit to weak to catch it -__-´
      It was so funny with all of you!!! Maybe I´ll make a Christmas-Teaparty too this year 😀


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