The Sherlock Holmes Museum

14 Nov

Time for another time travel.
During one of our journeys through Great Britain, Neko and I made a pleasant stop at the famous Sherlock Holmes Museum in (where else? 😉 ) 221b Baker Street in London.


We read all the stories of the brilliant Detective (and also watched the series, both with Jeremy Brett and with Benedict Cumberbatch), so of course we HAD to take a look at his home.



In the Museum the whole atmosphere of 221b Baker Street was recreated very good and exact. Every little detail we knew from the books was present.


I was fascinated by the Chemical Desk where Sherlock Holmes made so many of his interesting experiments and I love all these pretty oldfashioned tools!


The Dining Table also looked like Holmes and Watson would enter the room in a minute.


Even the fire in the chimney was real. And I wish I had a magnifier like that in the picture.


A bust of the famous Detective.



We were also able to see Mrs. Hudsons room. She´s the hirer of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (before his marriage) and of course I also wanted the sewing basket and the hat 😉


The Souvenir Shop (and even the toilettes) was as well arranged very rich of detail and it was fun to grub there.


By the way, thanks again to Neko for the pictures! ❤
It was a very nice place to spend time on and when we stepped out I was a bit sad beeing back in the 21th century. But when we come back to London, we´ll probably repeat our visit.


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4 responses to “The Sherlock Holmes Museum

  1. Emu

    14. November 2013 at 20:23

    I have been to london so many times but never visited this place, after seeing the pictures now I want to go! Was there a big queue/did you have to book in advance?

    • Tea-Chic Adventures

      14. November 2013 at 20:55

      It´s definately worth a visit. It´s not necessary to book in advance. You can buy the tickets on location (I think they cost 6 Pounds). The queue wasn´t too big. I think we had to wait under 10 minutes and we were there in July, the main season for tourists. That was very comfortable and relaxed 😀 Maybe when you go there in the colder months it could be even more empty.

  2. kleinertod

    14. November 2013 at 21:39

    Und die Filme mit Basil Rathbone hattest Du noch vergessen… 😉 Wobei die Verfilmung mit Jeremy Brett eindeutig und mit Abstand die Gelungenste von allen war und ist. Alles andere ist nur nett und reicht nicht daran heran, Da bin ich gerne altmodisch. ^^

    • Tea-Chic Adventures

      17. November 2013 at 21:19

      Stimmt, Basil Rathbone war ja auch noch da. Die Filme mit ihm sind auch definitiv nicht schlecht, aber Jeremy Brett ist einfach der Beste. Vor allem hat er die soziopathischen Charakterzüge von Holmes so schön passend umgesetzt. Die sind bei Basil Rathbone irgendwie total verloren gegangen -__-


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