19 Nov

Today I´d like to show you some of my crafts made of Japanese kimono fabrics.

I really like traditional patterns, especially kimono prints. So in the last months some nice pieces got together.

A simple A-line dress for me. Well, it fits better for spring or summer but I didn´t want to detain it now 😉

A blouse for my mother from the same fabric than the dress. The print is very interesting, I think, because of the mix between rectangles and flowers.

A sakura print cape I wore on a Japanese festival in Hamburg.

From the rest of the sakura fabric I made a bag (matching with the cape). The fabric has also very classy haptics.

This vest, unfortunately, isn´t for me but for a dear friend of my mom. It always makes me happy seeing her wearing it 😀

And finally a little tea-map with another sakura print. You can never have enough sakura items! (Pleasy excuse the low quality teabags. They´re just for sample.)

These were only a few works but I´m looking forward to show you some more. When I was in Nippori (Fabric Town) this summer, I bought some more beautifull kimono fabrics which are already waiting to be treated 😉


Posted by on 19. November 2013 in arts&crafts, Japan, sewing


2 responses to “Kimono-Love

  1. foamofdays

    20. November 2013 at 23:57

    I love kimono fabric! It’s amazing what you’ve done with it!

    • Tea-Chic Adventures

      21. November 2013 at 22:35

      Thank you very much 😀 Kimono fabric is so versatile. Currently I´m planning another dress with it^^.


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