Halloween meets Christmas

10 Dec

Time for a little Christmas craft.

Do you remember how much I love Halloween 😉 ? So I made a Halloween inspired advent arrangement this year.


And I think “Nightmare before Christmas” is a good proof that these two holidays go very well together.

“It was a long time ago,
Longer now than it seems
in a place that perhaps
you’ve seen in your dreams
For the story that you are about to be told
began with the holiday worlds of old
Now, you’ve probably wondered
where holidays come from.
If you haven’t I’d say
it’s time you begun.
For the holidays are the result of much fuss
and hard work from the worlds that create them us
Well you see now, quite simply
that’s all that they do,
making one unique holiday
especially for you
But once, a calamity ever so great
occured when two holidays met by mistake”

(Opening “Nightmare before Christmas”)


Posted by on 10. December 2013 in a little something, arts&crafts


2 responses to “Halloween meets Christmas

  1. SadaDoki

    17. December 2013 at 14:18

    Soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!
    Mixing Halloween with Christmas is a very good idea!!!!
    Unfortunately I can’t send you the selfmade x-mas card like I promised. It’s on my old PC and I wasn’t able to repair it so far v___v

  2. Tea-Chic Adventures

    17. December 2013 at 17:18

    Thank you so much, my dear 😀 Don´t worry about the christmas card. I´ll also be happy to receive it after christmas ^o^


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