The Birthplace of Harry Potter

11 Mar

Hello my dear readers,

high time to finish my blogging abstinence!

So today I want to report about our (mine and Neko´s) visit at the gorgeous Elephant House in Edinburgh, the place were J.K. Rowling wrote the lecture notes for her famous Harry Potter books.


A great reason for us to have lunch at this interesting place. It already looked very nice from the outside…


…as well as from the inside. They offer sweet and savoury food for quite good prices and also a various range of delicious tea and coffee. Btw, the staff were also very nice.


Me studying the menu.


We decided to take a seat in the back room because…


…that was the room J.K. Rowling sat and looked outside while writing. Guess where she got her inspiration for Hogwarts 😉 ? What a great view!


Our lunch was also great. The Elephant House is rightly voted best coffee shop in Edinburh. Besides we had delicious black tea and of course I also had to take some cake for dessert 😀


Again the “Hogwarts-Castle”.


The Elephant House became really popular after the success of Harry Potter.

It was also funny to see that on the rest room walls were written many quotations from the Harry Potter books and dedications for J.K. by visitors from all over the world.


I liked these Elephant chairs. Thanks again to Neko for the pictures! ❤

It was so nice to visit the birthplace of Harry Potter and at our next stop in Edinburgh we´ll definately come back.


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