The Ghibli Museum

03 May

Hello dear readers,

today I want to show you some pictures from Neko´s an my visit in the Ghibli Museum Mitaka during our first trip to Japan. It´s going to be a very pic heavy post this time but there were so many nice pics 😉


When we arrived in Mitaka we immediateley noticed that cute Ghibli themed bus. Anyway we decided to take a walk to the museum through Inokashira Park because the weather was quite good.

The walk was very nice and the museum was easy to find.

By the way, “Entrance to the Ghibli Museum is strictly by advance purchase of a reserved ticket which specifies the appointed date of the reservation.” I think they want to avoid the museum to be overcrowded. Here you can get the tickets.


I´m glad we noticed the little Totoro´s on top of the shield. They´re adorable 🙂

At the entry Totoro was also waiting.

And also the little Susuwatari. I love them 🙂

Pictures inside the building weren´t allowed but there were enough pretty motifs outside.


There are lots of beautifull plants and trees arround so it looks like a green Wonderland.

Because we heared that the waiting time can be very long there we decided to go to the Straw Hat Café first. So we were in the first waiting group of the day and got a table very quick.


Both of us had the yummy strawberry cake and cappuccino with this lovely straw hat drawing ❤ The whole café had a very relaxing atmosphere. It´s definately worth to go there!

Outside the café was a channel with some of these super kawaii Jiji water-taps. The whole museum has so many, pretty little deatails.

I think this is from “The Cat returns” but I´m not sure.

The architecture is inspired by the artist Hundertwasser who made buildings without any angles.


Even the windows have themes 🙂


Is that Jiji? I think it is^^.

Of course we also had to stop at the “Mamma Aiuto Museum Shop”. There were so many neat items it was hard not to spend all our money there 😉


Another great view.



On the roof of the museum is also a great garden. You can go there by stairs


And when you take this enchanted path…


…you meet the friendly Robot from “Castle in the Sky”.


I really like how detailed the Robot is made.


It was also shown a very nice short movie in a pretty, round shaped cinema. The movie was about and elderly married couple and some cute sumo mice 🙂


Before we left we also had to say “Bye Bye” to Totoro.


Thanks a lot to my dearest Neko for the great pictures. He´s very good photographing!

It was a beautifull day at Ghibli Museum. We really enjoyed our time there and took a lot of precious memories with us.


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2 responses to “The Ghibli Museum

  1. solarflightvoyage

    3. May 2014 at 19:59

    I’m actually going to go there in about two weeks so it was fun to see the pictures! How was the food?

  2. Tea-Chic Adventures

    4. May 2014 at 15:24

    Lucky you 🙂 It´s a great experience and lots of fun to go there. I think the food was very good. We had no savoury food but the cake was lush and tasty and the whole café was very nice. I wish you a great time there 🙂


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