Grimoire and Hachiko

30 Aug

Hello dear readers,

time for an new, little Japan report.
At our last trip to Japan last year I was very interested to visit Grimoire.


I read a lot about the shop and I really like vintage fashion and Dolly Kei, so of course I was curious to see this little Wonderland 🙂

Before we went to the shop in Shibuya we had a relaxed walk in Akasaka, the district where we had our hotel.

It was quite hot that day but I did my best to look kawaii 😉

These little statues were great. We always found a lot of those details at our walks.

When we arrived at Shibuya, of course we first had to visit cute Hachiko. It always makes me happy to see him^^.

Neko in his cool cat outfit with Hachiko. This picture came out very nice 🙂

How amazing is that gully cover?

After another nice walk we arrived at Grimoire. It was interesting that we had to take the lift to enter the shop but that seems to be quite normal in Tokyo with many shops and restaurants.

The entry was designed so pretty.

It was much smaller than expected but that made the shop even more whimsical. It was decorated so, so cute and nice with many oldfashioned things (exactly my cup of tea 😉 ). The music they played was from the 20´s, another great detail for me, and the shop staff was so nice and gentle. She seemed to be very happy that visitors from Europe came to Grimoire and she told us her brother was in Europe for holiday the same time we were in Japan. That was cool!

I was also allowed to take pictures inside so I browsed through the shop with my camera.





My camera was not the best at this soft light, but I got a few impressions. Here you can find a detailed report about Grimoire with more pictures.

It was so nice to see all the pretty decoration and products and luckily they still had my favorite tights in stock so I bought them (and because I had bought six crafting books at “Book Off” before, the cute shop girl gave me a big paper bag that I could carry my purchase better :D. That was so kind).

Because Neko is very good in calligraphy, he did a little Grimoire lettering for the shop girl. It looked so cool and she was very happy about it. I think she likes old, European lettering as much as we like Japanese signs. So it was a good exchange. She also asked me for a photo with her, where I was very happy about. The whole atmosphere was so nice and relaxed.

After saying Goodbye and leaving we continued with an awesome day in Shibuya and Shinjuku, finished with a super delicious dinner in a little restaurant we discovered by chance.

The food was sooo yummy!

And I couldn´t resist to snap this super cute tissue box. I simply love cats 😉

It was great to get the chance to visit Grimoire and at our next trip I also want to take a look at Grimoire Almadel. I´m sure it will also be miraculous (and I´m looking forward to new tights 😉 )

See you next time,

Mira 🙂


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2 responses to “Grimoire and Hachiko

  1. hedgefairy

    30. August 2014 at 11:35

    Oooh, Grimoire looks really wonderful. I’ve read so much about this shop, and I think it’s really cool you actually went there!

  2. Tea-Chic Adventures

    30. August 2014 at 17:10

    Thank you 🙂 It was a very nice experience, like entering a little fairytale world. I´m looking so forward to my next trip to Japan and my visit at Grimoire Almadel and I hope you can also go there soon^^.


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