Halloween-Teaparty 2014

28 Oct

Hello dear readers,

time for another Halloween Teaparty. Of course we wanted to arrange one again, so two weeks ago we invited Raiand Aioli, Neko´s best friend Boris and our cute niece Illy to have a good time with losts of delicious food 😉


I made some pumpkin muffins.


Neko made creepy Monster Bits with matcha buns and couloured icing. They looked really cool!


Rai and Aioli made again their famous bat shaped pizza cookies and Rai had tried snails with whoopie dough, filled with salted caramel cream. They were super delicious!


And I prepared Autumn Mess, the autumnal version of Eton mess with apples instead of strawberries. It was eaten up very fast 😉

Of course we also dressed up in Halloween matching outfits. I made some halloweeny collages from our outfit snaps:

I tried an autumnal Catwitch coord this year with an handmade pumpkin and leaves headpiece, Neko looked cool as always in black and white and Illy was an Oldschool/Gothic-Lolita Catwitch. She was so cute 🙂

Of course our lovely Plush also celebrated with us. He matches perfectly with Neko ❤

Illy and I had much fun while taking the pictures 😀

Rai also looked amazing in her Pirate-Alice coord with a pretty, handmade tricorn. It´s always cheerfull to do silly postures with her.


Aioli and Boris were a bit camera-shy but they also really enjoyed the Party and that´s the main point!


Here you can see our full buffet.


And a bonus pic of Plush- because he´s so incredibly cute. He also enjoyed the Party 😀

We also watched Hotel Transylvania, a very cute movie for a Halloween Party, I think. It was so nice to have all those lovely people arround and I can already tell you it wasn´t the last Party this year.

See you next time,

Mira 🙂

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