Belated Halloween-Post: Witchy Afternoon

01 Nov

Hello dear readers,

I hope you had a great Halloween last night. Mine was a pleasure, but before I´ll post about it, I have a little belated post about the witchy afternoon tea I had with my dear Sada and Rai.


We hadn´t seen Sada for a longer time and still had her birthday presents, so we took the chance to have a little halloween-y meet-up before she went to visit her family for the next two weeks. It was so nice to see her again 😀 She dressed up as a Spider Lady with a self-crochetd spiderweb. Isn´t it amazing?


Of course we had a spooky tea table with dyed cookies,…


…bloody crépe-pieces and cute crépe ghosts and pumpkins…


…and homemade, vegan jelly with matcha and espresso taste.


It was so nice to have again the lovely girls together at our place.


It was also a bargain for some new, funny pics, so I made again some collages with those cute Halloween postcards from 1900 for the background.


Sada in her Spider-Lady outfit and I in kind of an Autumn-Witch coord with my pumpkin headpiece again. I love dressing up witchy in the colder season.


Rai in a cool and pretty Dark Mori/Strega outfit and with her great Algonquins-Coat. This style looks great on her.


Yes, we´re very good at silly postures with holy pumpkins 😉


And another bonus pic of Sada´s amazing, handmade, spider headpiece. What a great idea!


We had much fun, as always I can say, and I hope there won´t go by too much time untill our next meet-up.

See you next time for my “All Hallows Eve” report,

Mira 🙂


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