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Mori Spring

Hello dear readers,

some weeks ago we noticed the first signs of Spring. It was a warm and sunny day and our lovely friend Nata visited Neko and me. So we decided to take the chance and walked to the Alster (a popular river of my hometown 😉 ) for some Mori Kei photos.

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Happy Birthday Plush <3

Hello dear readers 🙂

Last week we celebrated our dear Plush´s first birthday.

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Christmas Warm-Up

Hello dear readers,

please excuse my longer absence of blogging. I´m currently doing a further education at work, so I´m often short on time. Hence I decided to skip my big Halloween post (but it will come when the time is right again 😉 ) and continue with some Christmas Warm-Up.

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Belated Halloween-Post: Witchy Afternoon

Hello dear readers,

I hope you had a great Halloween last night. Mine was a pleasure, but before I´ll post about it, I have a little belated post about the witchy afternoon tea I had with my dear Sada and Rai.

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Halloween Shooting Part II

Hello dear readers,

here is the second part of our scary/funny Halloween shooting. Davinel was so kind letting me publish some pictures from her gorgeous reflex camera.

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Halloween Shooting

Hello dear readers,

for me October means Halloween. It´s my favorite time of the year, so I want to share with you some funny pictures from a little Halloween themed shooting from last year.
Rai and me went to Hannover to visit Rara for a little, spooky meet-up.
Davinel also came up and we went to a small, mediaval graveyard to take some “super creepy” pics and, most of all, have a lot of fun 🙂

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Our new fluffy friend

Hello dear readers,

long time not posted because I was very busy the last weeks. One of the most and best reasons for this is that we´ve got new, fluffy offspring…


…Plush! a four months- old, super kawaii, cow pattern kitty ❤
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