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The Jane Austen Centre

Hello dear readers,

here is my second Bath-post, this time about the very nice Jane Austen Centre. As a great fan of Jane Austen I absolutely wanted to go there- and of course I really enjoyed.

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The Birthplace of Harry Potter

Hello my dear readers,

high time to finish my blogging abstinence!

So today I want to report about our (mine and Neko┬┤s) visit at the gorgeous Elephant House in Edinburgh, the place were J.K. Rowling wrote the lecture notes for her famous Harry Potter books.

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The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Time for another time travel.
During one of our journeys through Great Britain, Neko and I made a pleasant stop at the famous Sherlock Holmes Museum in (where else? ­čśë ) 221b Baker Street in London.


We read all the stories of the brilliant Detective (and also watched the series, both with Jeremy Brett and with Benedict Cumberbatch), so of course we HAD to take a look at his home.
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Another Music-Time

After my last entry about Pooh Country I want to show you two very cute and charming songs about the residents of the 100 acre wood.

The first one must be the oldest song about Winnie the Pooh and it always makes me want to snuggle with a fluffy Teddy Bear.

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Pooh Corner, the enchanted Place

Time for a little excursion. This time to Pooh Corner in Hartfield, East Sussex.
I went there on my trip to South England last autumn, because it is the “birthplace” of one of my favourite children┬┤s classic novels “Winnie the Pooh”.


After an one hour bus ride from Royal Tunbridge Wells through the beautifull countryside we arrived at the really nice and cute village Hartfield, were Pooh Corner was not to overlook.


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