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60´s Flair

Today I´d like to show you a remittance work I made for my mom.

I had three meters of wonderfull, 100% new wool “Salt and Pepper” fabric and my mom wanted to have a sixties inspired cloak dress of it. She was a teenager in the sixties so of course she has a lot of nostalgic feelings about this epoche. And for me it was a very nice work, so here we go.

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A Place for Lace

Just a short sign of life during our preparations for the removal.

I found a great treasure in a fabric shop in Tokyo, Shibuya last summer, to bring some tidiness in my haberdahery.

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This year I got a very lovely order from an old friend.

She made an education for dance pedagogics and had her exam this september. One of her tasks for exam was to choose a theme and create a proper choreographie. Her Theme was Mary Poppins (she couldn´t have chosen better 😀 ) and she engaged me to sew a big part of the costumes.

Because the choreographie was about the dance between Mary Poppins and the chimney sweeps, she wanted me to sew five red and white striped jackets for the sweeps (inspired by the outfit from Dick van Dyke) and I did my very best 😉

I used jersey for the jackets bacause the dancers needed a lot free moving space.
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Today I´d like to show you some of my crafts made of Japanese kimono fabrics.

I really like traditional patterns, especially kimono prints. So in the last months some nice pieces got together.

A simple A-line dress for me. Well, it fits better for spring or summer but I didn´t want to detain it now 😉
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