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Grimoire and Hachiko

Hello dear readers,

time for an new, little Japan report.
At our last trip to Japan last year I was very interested to visit Grimoire.

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Advent at Historical Harbour

Last weekend I visited may mom in the countryside because we wanted to go to the Advent Calendar House at the historical harbour in Tönning (a small city in North Friesland) with some of her friends.

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Victorian Christmas Market

Last weekend me and Rai visited the great Victorian Christmas Market in Hamburg.


It was located in the halls of an Art Nouveau hotel and at the entry was arranged this typical english telephone box. I loved these boxes since my first visit in England.
Thanks to Neko for this picture^^.
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The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Time for another time travel.
During one of our journeys through Great Britain, Neko and I made a pleasant stop at the famous Sherlock Holmes Museum in (where else? 😉 ) 221b Baker Street in London.


We read all the stories of the brilliant Detective (and also watched the series, both with Jeremy Brett and with Benedict Cumberbatch), so of course we HAD to take a look at his home.
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Second Hand- and Charity-Shops

Today I want to report about a concept I really appreciate: The second hand- and charity shops.
I prefer much more to go “Treasure Hunting” in these kind of shops than buying things in regular shops that 20 other people on the street also have in their room or closet. Furthermore it´s more sustainable eco-friendly to buy second hand, and in charity shops the money you spend there will be used for beneficial functions.

My three favorite shops that kind are Oxfam, Humana and Kleidermarkt.

For second hand shopping it´s worth to spend a bit more time. Then you can find really hidden treasures 🙂

Here are some of my “Booties” I found at my wanderings:

A very nice straw hat I found at Oxfam. I trimed it a bit with Deco-flowers, feathers and ribbons.

Hut1 Kopie
Here´s a spring-outfit I coordinated with the hat. The blouse and the bolero at the picture are also 2nd hand.
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